Sly & Co has constructed and enriched a matrix of styles, applied to a wide array of rich leather materials. The result is an authentic range of locally designed products that together, contribute to the creation of our brand.

The company’s philosophy is a constant innovation, a refined design and a commitment to outstanding quality that equals our prime expertise and with affordable luxury products.

Sly & Co is constantly sourcing quality raw materials around the world. Whether it’s full grain leather or high-tech fabrics, our criteria for selecting our materials are simple but strong: innovation, authenticity and the best quality.

Like good products, leathers get better with age, more supple, a real extension of their owner’s unique personality. Whether it is lightweight travel gear, discreetly elegant jackets,  four-season outerwear, Sly & Co  approaches every product with the same passion and love that results in the ultimate stylish product.

Sly & Co's core collection includes elegant jackets with a smooth and matte finishes. Focusing on enduring style, designs are crafted in a timeless palette of colors and the signature black leather. Each piece is carefully constructed with a unique creative vision and style in mind.


The Sly & Co group was founded in 2006 by Sylvain Roy and Louise Leclerc. Emblematic figure of Montréal, Sylvain is recognized for the innovation, design and  quality of his products. He has been in the leather business for more than 35 years and has known a dazzling success from his early beginnings.

Sylvain has been working with leather and fur coats for years by creating two distinct brands, one specializing in the production of leather coats and jackets and the other in the creation of fur-trimmed down coats. His focus on high quality fabrics, refined construction, and versatile design makes Sly & Co an essential brand for fashionable leather pieces.

Prestigious clients accumulate, and large groups have complete trust in him (Aldo, Simons, Ogilvy, etc.). With the two deployed brands (Ookpik and Sly & Co), the group is firmly rooted. Based in its Montréal 22,000 ft2 head office, the company has no less than 450 outlets in Canada, the United States, Europe and Korea. 

Sly and co headquarters