- Wipe off any surface dirt with a soft damp cloth. Do not spot clean; wipe down the whole section stitch to stitch to avoid color variations and spotting.
- Regularly remove dust and dirt to prevent permanent stains. This will also revitalize and revive the color of the leather.
- Aniline leathers have barely any substance applied to their surface, which allows for the naturally soft and smooth hand of these fine leathers to be showcased. - Use a Leather Cleaner for deeper stains. Do not spot clean; wipe down the whole section stitch to stitch using a damp cloth and the Cleaner to avoid color variations and spotting.
- We recommend to use a Leather Protector to recondition the leather after using the Leather Cleaner. Again, make sure to wipe down the entire section with a damp cloth and the Leather Protector.

- The more your leather good is exposed to wear and tear and the elements (rain, snow, dirt, body oils, etc.), the more it requires regular conditioning with a Leather Protector.

-Leather products should be taken to a professional leather cleaner.



  - Spray a Leather Protector in a well aired out room on a leather product that is dry and clean, the entire surface of the product. Allow the Leather Protector to dry naturally. Apply regularly for optimal protection.

- Suede product should be taken to professional leather cleaner.
- Use a soft brush to remove surface dust or dirt.


- Do not wash
- Do not dry clean
- Do not bleach
- Do not force dry; do not tumble dry
- Do not starch
- Do not Iron
- Avoid harsh cleaners or abrasive soap or detergent or greasy substances such as alcohol, wax and mink oils; this will distress and clog the leather’s pores.


- Please store your Sly&Co leather goods in a dust bag

- Away from direct sunlight or harsh artificial light.
- Leather goods should be stored in a cool, dry place.  
- Do not store in a plastic bag/garment bag. Moisture can result in mildew or mold developing.